SFR Construction Loan: Rodeo Funds $3,080,000 in Healdsburg, CA


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January 9, 2024

Rodeo Lending is delighted to share the success story of our latest SFR Construction Loan– a $3,080,000 Single Family Residence (SFR) Construction Loan in the enchanting Healdsburg, CA. This endeavor, driven by a seasoned real estate investor, brings to life a vision of a captivating home nestled on 1.59 acres, surrounded by picturesque rolling hills and vineyards.


Our client’s vision materialized into a charming 3,750 square foot single-family residence with three bedrooms and four bathrooms, perfectly complemented by an 80% complete 1,200 square foot Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) featuring one bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms. The property is a testament to the fusion of sophisticated design and serene surroundings, creating a haven just minutes from downtown Healdsburg in Sonoma County.


Situated conveniently 60 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, this project capitalizes on Healdsburg’s allure, offering tranquility and accessibility. The location, surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills, adds an extra layer of charm to the envisioned home, promising a lifestyle that seamlessly blends sophistication and nature.


Rodeo Lending’s partnership goes beyond funding – our client will exit the loan upon completion through either a property sale or a strategic refinance. This flexible approach underscores our commitment to empowering investors to make the best financial decisions for their unique situations.


  • Mid-Construction Closing
  • In-House Fund Control
  • Built-In Interest Reserves


As construction progresses, the Healdsburg SFR is a testament to the collaboration between Rodeo Lending and visionary real estate investors. We eagerly anticipate completing this project and realizing our client’s dream home, ready to contribute to the flourishing real estate landscape in Healdsburg.


Rodeo Lending is proud to be a catalyst in transforming visions into reality. The Healdsburg SFR Construction Loan represents a financial transaction and a journey toward creating a distinctive residence harmonizing with its surroundings. Stay tuned for more success stories as we continue to empower real estate investors with tailored financial solutions.

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