Construction Completion: $1,675,000 Business Purpose SFR in Hilton Head, SC


January 9, 2024

Construction Completion: Another successfully funded property, $1,675,000 Business Purpose SFR in Hilton Head, SC. This project, entrusted to us by a repeat borrower, highlights our commitment to financing dreams and creating spaces that inspire.


Nestled against the backdrop of majestic ocean views, the subject property, once completed, will stand as a testament to architectural excellence and meticulous planning. Boasting 3,680 square feet, this Spec Home is designed to perfection with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a patio deck, a pool, an elevator, and more. It is a vision of luxury and comfort, harmonizing seamlessly with its scenic surroundings. This meticulously appointed property is more than just a construction project – it’s a vision of luxury redefined. The inclusion of a patio deck, pool, elevator, and other features speaks to the commitment to creating a living space that transcends the ordinary.


Our repeat borrower, a seasoned investor, initially self-funded the project but chose Rodeo Lending to finance the remainder. This partnership exemplifies our clients’ trust in us to provide tailored financial solutions that align with their goals.


  • 56% Loan to Completed Value
  • Built-In Interest Reserves
  • Fund Controlled Construction Completion Budget


The borrower has strategic plans for the completed property, intending to utilize it as a short-term rental. Rodeo’s flexible approach ensures a smooth transition as the borrower plans to exit our loan through a conventional refinance, showcasing our commitment to facilitating long-term financial success for our clients.

The Business Purpose SFR Construction Completion is not just a testament to our financial capabilities but also a joyous celebration of the dreams and aspirations of our clients, marking a milestone in their journey towards a distinctive, inspired living space.

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