$4,800,000 Bridge-to-Sale Refinance Loan in Pacific Palisades, CA


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May 14, 2024

Rodeo Lending proudly announces the successful closure of a groundbreaking $4,800,000 Bridge-to-Sale Refinance Loan. Our esteemed repeat clients, renowned for their expertise in luxury flips within the illustrious Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles, turned to Rodeo Lending for a bridge loan as they prepare to list their recently renovated property for sale.

Property Spotlight:

  • Location: Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Size: A spacious 3067 square foot home on a quarter-acre lot
  • Features: 4 bedrooms, 3 baths
  • Location Advantage: Nestled in the prestigious Huntington Palisades area

Having acquired and impeccably renovated this property over the past year, our clients have not only secured a tenant but also added to the allure of this residence. Rodeo’s strategic loan not only facilitated a bridge to sale but also unlocked cash-out opportunities, empowering our clients to invest in their next stunning venture.

Deal Highlights:

  • Proven Expertise: Benefit from the success of seasoned luxury flippers, ensuring a seamless journey towards profitability.
  • Strategic Cash Out: Rodeo’s financing solution empowers borrowers with the liquidity to fuel future endeavors.
  • Prime Location: Experience the unbeatable allure of Pacific Palisades, a neighborhood synonymous with prestige and opulence.
  • Bridge Loan Convenience: Rodeo’s flexible bridge loan offering allows you to navigate the transition period while your property is listed seamlessly.
  • Optimized Financing: Enjoy a favorable 65% Loan-to-Value ratio, maximizing your financial leverage while minimizing risk exposure.

At Rodeo Lending, we redefine possibilities in real estate financing, empowering our clients to transcend boundaries and confidently realize their visions.

Experience the Future of Real Estate Financing with Rodeo Lending.

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